Fanuc LR Mate 200i LRMate

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Year 2001, very few working hours. Equipped with the Rj3 controller.
The LR Mate series is FANUC Robotics electric servo-driven family of mini robots designed for precision machine load/unload, material handling, material removal, assembly, and lab testing applications. The robot’s small size, dexterity and high speed make it the perfect solution for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Features :

* Axes speeds of up to 480 degrees/sec.
* End effector connector built into the wrist
* Integral, internally mounted solenoid valve pack
* Fail-safe brakes on axes 2 and 3

The advanced technology of the Fanuc R-J3 controller makes it a proven, reliable third generation controller. The open architecture features and process capability improve application and motion performance while simplifying system integration. Fanuc's unique plug-in option allows flexibility for application specific configurations.


* 32-bit dual processor architecture (separate motion and communication) with real-time clock/calendar
* Built-in Ethernet (10BaseT)
* FTP: allows simple file transfers to a variety of host platforms
* Ethernet Controller Backup/ Restore: provides backup and/or restore of the robot Controller memory image
* Three RS-232 ports (one can be configured as RS-422)
* Teach Pendant: Back-lit LCD, multi-function

Robot Info:

    * Maximum Load of Robot: 3Kg.
    * Maximum Reach: 856 mm.
    * Repeatability: 0,04 mm.
    * Controller: Rj3

Robot Motion Speed:

    * Axe 1: 140º/seg
    * Axe 2: 150º/seg
    * Axe 3: 160º/seg
    * Axe 4: 400º/seg
    * Axe 5: 330º/seg
    * Axe 6: 480º/seg

Robot Applications:

    * Machine load/unload
    * Material handling
    * Testing and sampling
    * Electronics/Cleanroom
    * Parts cleaning/washing
    * Assembly
    * Material removal
    * Packing
    * Education


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