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The IRB 14000 YUMI is an ideal collaborative robot for the automation of assembly of small parts; with compact structure of double arm and flexible hands that is bent in 7 axes that mimic human movements with great efficiency, is designed to perform tasks side by side with humans, has safety devices that at a minimum touch the robot will stop in milliseconds , this robot provides high security and precision is equipped with the ABB IRC5 controller characterized by its TrueMove and QuickMove technology, the I / O interfaces include Ethernet IP, Profibus, USB ports, DeviceNet, communications port, emergency stop.

Main specifications
IRB 14000-0.5/0.5
Maximum Load : 1 kg
Maximum horizontal reach: 500 mm
Number of axis: 7
Repeatability: ± 0.02 mm
Controller:  IRC5
Range of motion
Axis 1: -168.5° to 168.5°
Axis 2: -143.5° to 43.5°
Axis 3: -123.5° to 80.0°
Axis 4: -290.0° to 290.0°
Axis 5: -88.0° to 138.0°
Axis 6: -229.0° to 229.0°
Axis 7: -168.5° to 168.5°
Robot motion speed
Axis 1: 180°/s
Axis 2: 180°/s
Axis 3: 180°/s
Axis 4: 400°/s
Axis 5: 400°/s
Axis 6: 400°/s
Axis 7: 180°/s
Robot Applications
Material Handling
Pick and Place
Order Picking


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