Fanuc Arcmate 100i

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This Arcmate 100i is suitable for arc welding and handling applications and is equipped with the versatile RJ2 controller.

This robot is a six-axis, electric servo-driven robot capable of precise high-speed welding and cutting. Accuracy and performance are designed into the ArcMate 100i for all your welding and cutting requirements.


* Compatible with all major brands of welding equipment
* Interfaces with most types of servo driven or indexing positioners
* Sealed bearings and drives provide protection and improve reliability
* Integrated controller reduces footprint and eliminates exposed connection cables
* cable routing through center of axis rotation improves reliability

Robot Info

    * Maximum Load of Robot: 6 kg
    * Maximum Reach: 1368 mm
    * Repeatability: 0,1 mm
    * Controller: RJ2

Robot Motion Speed

    * Axis 1: 120º/s
    * Axis 2: 120º/s
    * Axis 3: 120º/s
    * Axis 4: 360º/s
    * Axis 5: 360º/s
    * Axis 6: 450º/s


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