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The highly compact IRB 1520ID with payload capacity of 4 kg and a range of 1.5 meters suitable for arc welding as it contains an integrated hose pack design that is fully integrated in the upper arm and through the Base of the robot, its energy, welding wire, shielding gas and pressurized air helps to obtain maximum performance and energy efficiency. The IRB 1520ID offers stable welding with excellent precision trajectory with second generation TrueMove ™ technology. With QuickMove technology you can use maximum acceleration between welds to increase production with minimal energy consumption, short cycle times and A long service life of the hose package; The positioning flexibility offers short cycle times and a wide range of production possibilities; Both the robot and the arc welding process are easily programmable and stored with the ABB FlexPendant.

Equipped with the latest IRC5 controller.
IRC5 is ABB’s fifth generation robot controller. Its motion control technology, TrueMove & QuickMove, is key to the robot’s performance in terms of accuracy, speed, cycle-time, programmability and synchronization with external devices.
Based on advanced dynamic modeling, the IRC5 optimizes the performance of the robot for the physically shortest possible cycle time (QuickMove) and precise path accuracy (TrueMove). Together with a speed-independent path, predictable and high- performance behavior is delivered automatically, with no tuning required by the programmer.
RAPID programming language

The perfect combination of simplicity, flexibility and powerful- ness. RAPID is a truly unlimited language with hosts of advanced features and powerful support for many process applications.

The IRC5 supports the state-of-the-art field busses for I/O and is a well-behaved node in any plant network. Sensor interfaces, remote disk access and socket messaging are examples of the many powerful networking features.

Main features

Maximum Load of Robot: 4 kg
Maximum Reach: 1,50 m
Repeatability: 0.05 mm
Controller: IRC5 Drive module, Single cabinet

Robot Motion Speed

Axis 1: 130°/s
Axis 2: 140°/s
Axis 3: 140°/s
Axis 4: 320°/s
Axis 5: 380°/s
Axis 6: 460°/s

Axis working range

Axis 1: +170° to -170°
Axis 2: +150° to -90°
Axis 3: +80° to -100°
Axis 4: +155° to -155°
Axis 5: +135° to -135°
Axis 6*: +200° to -200°
*+288 rev. to -288 rev max.


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