Kawasaki ZX 130U C control

Spot welding, material handling, sealing,by producing many different robots to suit various applications, Kawasaki has greatly contributed to automated production lines for automotive and general industries. Kawasaki is introducing the new Z series heavy-duty robot, which is developed using Kawasaki's advanced technology and extensive experience in robotics. Z series consists of eight models and is available in floor mount ZX and shelf mount ZT configuration. Kawasaki D Controller is upgraded for the Z series robots.

The C Controller is compact enough for convenient installation and offers a large, multifunction, color liquid crystal display (LCD) that combines the functions of a conventional teach pendant with several specialized displays on a 7.2 inch touch panel. Easy block step programming and high-end AS Language programming are both available.

Robot Motion Speed:

           •Axis 1: 110º/seg
           •Axis 2: 110º/seg
           •Axis 3: 110º/seg
           •Axis 4: 140º/seg
           •Axis 5: 135º/seg
           •Axis 6: 230º/seg
Robot Applications:


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