KUKA KR 100-P / KR100P

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Year 2000. These six axis industrial robots are to be mounted on the floor or on the ceiling. They are suitable for all point-to-point and continuous-path controlled tasks. The main areas of application are
- press linking
- machine linking
- handling
- palletizing.

Due to their enormous range, these press-to-press robots are ideally suited to the loading and unloading of even large components in press lines.
Equipped with the Windows 95 based KR C1 controller.

KR C1 controller specifications:

• Open PC technology with networking capability.
• CAN/DeviceNet and Ethernet as standard. Slots for common bus systems (e.g. INTERBUS-S,
• Integrated oscilloscope function for robot diagnosis and programming support.
• Motion profile function for optimum interaction between the individual robot motors and their
• Floppy disk and CD-ROM drives for backing up data.
• Facilities such as master/slave operation of robots or remote diagnosis via the Internet.
• Easy operator control and programming via KUKA Control Panel (KCP) with Windows 95
graphic user interface.
• Compact, stackable control cabinet.
• One controller for all robot models.
• Ergonomic KCP design.

Robot Info:

    * Maximum Load of Robot: 100 kg
    * Maximum Reach: 3501 mm
    * Repeatability: 0,40 mm
    * Controller: KR C1A

Robot Motion Speed:

    * Axe 1: 90º/seg
    * Axe 2: 90º/seg
    * Axe 3: 80º/seg
    * Axe 4: 130º/seg
    * Axe 5: 140º/seg
    * Axe 6: 180º/seg

Robot Applications:

    * press linking
    * machine linking
    * handling
    * palletizing


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