Other Robots Staubli RX130 control CS7

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Year 2000. Fast and accurate robot. Suitable for machine tending.The RX130 robot features an articulated arm with 6 degrees of freedom for high flexibility. The spherical work envelope allows maximum utilization of cell workspace. Additional benefits are the floor and ceiling mount options.
The fully enclosed structure of the robot arm (IP65) is ideal for applications in harsh environments.

Equipped with the CS7 controller

Robot Info

    * Payload: 12 Kg.
    * Max. arm reach: 1360 mm.
    * Accuracy in repetition: 0,03 mm.
    * Control: CS7

Robot Motion Speed

    * Axis 1: 203º/s
    * Axis 2: 185º/s
    * Axis 3: 250º/s
    * Axis 4: 400º/s
    * Axis 5: 320º/s
    * Axis 6: 580º/s


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