Other Robots Panasonic WG 3 with TA 1800 with welding equipment

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This Panasonic robot is a WG3, year 2013, equipment with TA 1800 welding machineN0184.
Its reach is: 1796 mm and its payload is 8 kg; number of axis: 6; brand and model welding
machine: TA 1800; machine weight: 250 kg; description: Robot
weight and dimensions: 250kg, 1.4m x 0.7m x 2.2m. Untested.
Product is CE marked. Product origin is Japan

Panasonic, WG3, 2013, N0184, welding Robot, brand: Panasonic;
type: WG3; year: 2013; serial number: N0184;

Reach: 1796 mm;
payload: 8 kg

number of axis: 6


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