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The MELFA FR series from Mitsubishi Electric robots with rigid arms and servo controls of the latest technology, safe and collaborative work applications, intelligent functions for the next generation, offer high precision and speed. allowing teamwork between operator and robot with a high level of security. Ideal for a wide variety of applications where large volumes need to be handled.

The RH-12FRH55 Series with horizontal structure (HR), type of multiple articulation, with a maximum load capacity of 12 kg and arm reach of 550 mm, Standard cycle time 0.30s. Thanks to the optimization of the wrist axis it is possible to have a high margin to handle multifunction clamps and displacement clamps. Ideal for assembly and palletizing work. Offering a high resistance, fast and precise operation.

Equipped with CR800-D or CR800-R controllers.

This controller has an open structure where you can place vertical and horizontal positions, multiple CPU configuration that optimizes communication with the equipment supplying specific information, is compatible with MELSEC iQ-R.

Robot general specifications

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 12 Kg
  • Maximum Reach: 550 mm
  • Controller: CR800-D, CR800-R


  • Y-X composite: ± 0.012
  • J3(Z): ± 0.01
  • J4:± 0.005

Robot Motion Speed

  • Axis 1: 420°/s
  • Axis 2: 450°/s
  • Axis 3(Z): 2800 mm
  • Axis 4: 2400°/s

Motion range 

  • Axis 1: 340(-170 to +170)°
  • Axis 2: 290(-145 to +145)°
  • Axis 3(Z): xx=35:35/ xx=45:450 mm
  • Axis 4: 720(-360 to +360)°


  • Assembly
  • Palletizing


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