Kawasaki RS010N

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The RS010N is part of the series of small and medium load kawasaki R robots recognized for their compact design, lightweight arm and high revolution engines that perform their functions at a high speed providing greater performance. RS010N has a large increase in its reach capacity and rotation range of each axis that allows a wide working space. Thanks to its high performance motors and its rigid arm provide a high wrist torque optimizing its load capacity among its built-in features are incorporated pneumatic lines and internal wiring that allows easy installation of cables, tubes or other equipment. El RS010N arm makes it a space-saving robot for easy installation and maintenance.

E controllers are compact, reliable and high performance, have advanced technology in the CPU allowing greater productivity and trajectory control. Wide range of industrial applications supported by Kawasaki AS technology that uses a programming language that provides sequence control; possible expansion of up to 10 external axes for complete control of 16 axes. Easy maintenance and diagnosis thanks to its modular components and limited cables.
E30 controller
  • Ideal for primary energy distribution voltage of each region
  • Greater capacity for expansion
  • Closed structure with indirect cooling system
  • Digital servo system
  • I / O channels 32 (max128)
Spesifikasi utama
Maksimum Load of Robot: 10 kg
Jumlah sumbu: 6
Maksimum horisontal mencapai: 1.450 mm
Maksimum jangkauan vertikal: 2.582 mm
Repeatability: ± 0,04 mm
Controller: E30 / E77
Rentang gerak (°)
Sumbu JT1: ± 180 °
Axis JT2: + 145 ° / - 105 °
Axis JT3: + 150 ° / -163 °
Axis JT4: ± 270 °
Axis JT5: ± 145 °
Axis JT6: ± 360 °
Kecepatan maksimum (° / s)
Axis JT1: 250 ° / s
Axis JT2: 250 ° / s
Axis JT3: 215 ° / s
Axis JT4: 365 ° / s
Axis JT5: 380 ° / s
Axis JT6: 700 ° / s
Aplikasi robot
Mesin Tending
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