Kawasaki YF002N

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The Kawasasi Y series is designed for the pick and place application operating at high speed providing short cycle times of up to 0.27 seconds, large working envelope up to 1300 mm in diameter, complies with the hygiene standards required for the industry food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, electronics, etc; optimizing performance and productivity.
Robot YF002N designed for high speed selection with optimal structure for compact spaces. Type of parallel link, ideal for the food industry, medicines, cosmetic product lines and solar panel assemblies.
Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 2 kg
Number of axis: 4
Horizontal Stroke: 600 mm / 500 mm
Vertical Stroke: 150 mm / 200 mm
Max. Linear Speed: 3,300 mm/s
Repeatability: ±0.04  mm
Controller: E97, E91, E94
Motion range (mm)
ø600 × H200
Robot applications
Material Handling


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